How Do I Update the Fuel Credit?


Open the Fuel Register from the Dashboard.



Select Settings on the Toolbar


1. Select Ok

2. Close Fuel Register

3. (Skip ‘ID’ column) Enter the New Fuel Rebate amount in the ‘rebate_type’ column & enter decimal value in the ‘Rate’ column.

4. ‘Close’ the Fuel Rebate table.

Applicable vehicles now need to have the new Fuel Rebate attached. This is quickly done in the ‘Setup Wizard’ – see below.


Open the Vehicles register

Select ‘Setup Wizard’

1. Select ’11. Service/Fuel’

(Vehicle Column can be sorted into alphabetical order by single clicking on ‘Vehicle’)

2. Select the new Fuel Rebate Group (amount) from the dropdown list, against the vehicles.

3. Select Finished and the data will be pushed through to the vehicle’s details.

The new Fuel Rebate Amount will appear in the ‘Vehicle Details’ – Fuel Credit field, which can also be manually edited from the dropdown list.


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