Recurring Reminders





The recurring reminders ensures that Drivers Licence, Forklift, MSIC etc. are addressed before expiry.

Recurring regsiter

By default, Open reminders are sorted by the expiry date. Single click on the ‘Employee’, ‘Subject‘ or ‘Date’ headings to sort by that column. Double clicking on the headings will sort Descending by the selected column.

Existing entries may be edited by selecting ‘Edit’.

Click on ‘Settings‘ allows the user to add more subjects types and adjust warning intervals.

To access completed reminders, select ‘Closed’.

Employee reminders may also be closed on the Employee Reminders dashlet.


Printing the Register

Select the PRINT button in the top right hand corner. This will open a print preview of the report. Pressing Control + P will print the register.




To add a new entry, select ‘New’ on the toolbar.

(ID field (NEW) is a generated id number – start from the Employee field.)


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