Mileage – Edit Record


Correcting Mileage Entries









Open the Vehicle’s Details and select the Mileage Register.




Select Show All


Mileage_SortThis screen displays ALL mileage entries entered in the system ie. Service, Repairs, Tyres, Mileage, Fuel & DVCL’s registers. The ID# prefix (F, DC, M, S, R, T) idenitifies which register the mileage entry is located in.

1. Double Click on the Km’s (Closed) Column Heading – this sorts the data into descending order (highest value to the top).

Here we can edit entries that are incorrect.

2. Select the relevant blue hyperlink.




Fuel Detail Screen will appear.

Edit mileage entry & close window.












When editing a mileage entry & it’s lower than the current mileage, this warning will appear due to have the incorrect mileage entered.

Select No.


For DC (Daily Vehicle Check Log) Entries these are edited through the Daily Check Register in NHVAS Module.

Take note of DC ID # eg 1161 for search in Daily Check Register.















Open Daily Check Register from Dashboard




1. Quick find DC ID #, in this case 1161.

2. Select the blue hyperlink
















Edit mileage entry and close window.

Close all windows open.




Refresh Dashboard (Blue arrow – bottom left corner, then select Dashboard Icon for Dashlets to return.



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