Dashboard – Introduction

ServiceTracker loads with a Dashboard displaying upcoming, current and active events.


1. The top left of the screen displays:
The current user
The current Start and End period & Group Filter. (When printing a report such as the Repair Register, the report will be filtered by the Group and these dates.)
Switch User

2. The top right of the screen displays:
Support Renewal Expiry Date
Log Off

3. The bottom left of the screen displays:
The main menu buttons for Vehicles, Service, Repairs, Tyres, Fuel, Km/Hrs & Reminders.

4. The bottom right of the screen displays:
Optional modules menu buttons for Scans, NHVAS, Suppliers, Employees, Parts & Financial.

5. The centre of the screen displays:
Dashlets – Summaries of Open items in main registers.

The dashboard dashlets may be customised to suit your business and your individual requirements. By default a standard dashboard is loaded and you may customise the dashboard for each log in. (See Dashboard Settings)

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