How Do I Update the Fuel Credit?

Zoom Open the Fuel Register from the Dashboard.   Zoom Select Settings on the Toolbar   Zoom 1. Select Ok 2. Close Fuel Register 3. (Skip ‘ID’ column) Enter the New Fuel Rebate amount in the ‘rebate_type’ column & enter decimal value in the ‘Rate’ column. 4. ‘Close’ the Fuel […]

System – Mileage Warning

Troubleshoot Incorrect Mileage Recorded “The mileage entered is less than the maximum found for the vehicle…” Entering a vehicle’s mileage/hour reading that is less than the vehicle’s highest reading in the system will trigger a ‘Warning’. This is caused by an incorrect reading in the vehicle’s history or a back […]

Vehicles – Maintenance History

Vehicle Maintenance Report excluding costs.   Specify the date period by adjusting the ‘Start’ & ‘End’ date fields. For a specific Vehicle Group, select from the ‘Current Group’ dropdown list. Zoom Open the Vehicle Register by selecting ‘Vehicles’ from the Dashboard.   Zoom Single Click on the Vehicle’s ID or […]

Print – Adjust Margins

  Adjusting Print Margins Sample of a report with margins to large and running onto a 2nd page. Zoom   Right Click on Print Preview and select ‘Page Setup’ MSAccess Runtime users select ‘Quick Print’. On the ‘Print Options’ tab adjust all margins to 10 (mm). This will adjust the […]

Dashboard – Introduction

ServiceTracker loads with a Dashboard displaying upcoming, current and active events. 1. The top left of the screen displays: The current user The current Start and End period & Group Filter. (When printing a report such as the Repair Register, the report will be filtered by the Group and these […]

Fuel – Delete a Record

Delete a Fuel entry recorded against a vehicle. Locate and note the Fuel ID number. ie F-5470   Open the Fuel Register from the Dashboard. 1. Using the Quick Find field search for the Fuel ID number noted previously. 2. Select the ‘grey box’ at the beginning of the row Select […]

Parts – Used Include GST

Vehicle Groups can have individual settings for parts if GST is included or excluded. Vehicle Group Parts GST Setup Open the Vehicle Register and select Groups on the Toolbar   Double click on the Vehicle Group name.               The Vehicle Group details will appear. Check the […]

Vehicles – Add Picture

Add a picture of the vehicle to the detail screen. Double click anywhere with the picture frame Select ‘Add’ and browse for your picture to attach. When done select ‘OK’. For multiple pictures repeat the process. NOTE: Large pictures (1mb or greater) may cause the system to slow down. Pictures are […]