Report Maintenance History (incl. costs)

Maintenance Report including costs. Specify the date period by adjusting the ‘Start’ & ‘End’ date fields.  Select a Vehicle Group from the ‘Current Group’ dropdown list, if required. Zoom Open the Vehicle Register by selecting Vehicles from the Dashboard.   Zoom Single Click on the Vehicle’s ID or search by […]

Employee – Introduction

The Employee module provides an Employee Register, Training Register, Recurring Reminders, Accidents, Employee Medicals and Equipment Issues. It allows you to record employee information in conjunction with maintenance and NHVAS activities. It tracks employee information including licencing information, start ( & end) dates and contractor information as required. Uniforms/ tools & equipment […]

Fuel Credit Report

ServiceTracker features a fuel credit report for collating total litres per vehicle, per category.                                             Before the initial report is run , each applicable vehicle requires a ‘Fuel Credit’ […]