ServiceTracker is an easy to use fleet maintenance
and compliance system.

For any type of equipment that requires periodic maintenance.


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ServiceTracker highlights activities that require attention soon yellow and activities that require immediate attention red.

When ServiceTracker loads, Dashlets indicate upcoming, open or outstanding events: Registrations Due, Services Due, Open Repairs or Tyres, Medical Reminders, Licence Expirations… You can even select a specific group, such as a depot or plant equipment to apply a filter throughout the system.

These popups are configurable for the amount of warning required, and may be switched on or off on a per user basis. You see only what you need to see, when you want to see it.


Clicking on the Hyperlink of a vehicle anywhere in the system opens the vehicle detail screen. This provides all information about a vehicle including registration, configuration, parts, maintenance history, NHVAS information and running costs.

Vehicles have over 100 fields to store information including the ability to store images. 18 of these fields can be renamed to suit a fleets specific requirements for information such as ETAG #’s, Fuel Cards, PINS or Mobile numbers.

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Vehicle Registers

Clicking on the Vehicles button opens a list of Current vehicles. The screen shot below demonstrates the standards used throughout the system with menus, lists and colour. The user may begin typing “PM01″ or “Kenworth” or other field and the quick find feature will filter the list as you type.

Each column can be sorted by clicking on a heading and every screen has a print button to provide a report with the current information on the screen. Each vehicle in ServiceTracker has a VEHICLE or FLEET # that can be clicked on anywhere in the system to open the full vehicle information, settings and history.

Vehicle History

The Vehicle Maintenance History report is one of over 100 reports available in ServiceTracker. This report provides the perfect summary for tenders, selling a vehicle or contractual requirements.

The report uses the start and end dates on the dashboard to show as much or as little history as required. All reports can be saved as PDF for emailing.



Services Services

Vehicles may be set with Service Intervals in a combination of Km’s, Days or Hours. Each vehicle is linked to a service “Group” containing the service interval information, settings to flag yellow and red and specific service checklist items to appear on a A,B,C,D or E jobcard when printed.

Each vehicle will turn yellow to indicate that a service is approaching, then red when due. ServiceTracker will determine which kind of Service is due and can be double clicked to automatically generate a jobcard for the specific vehicle.

Service Information

The Service Detail screen automatically displays any outstanding repairs and recent service history. If configured, ServiceTracker will automatically add the required parts for the service and deduct stock from inventory. A service can be quickly retrieved for by Repairer, Fault Number, Service # or Invoice number.

The completed ServiceTracker job card or invoice may be scanned and attached for quick retrieval by using either the bulk scanning module or by attaching via hyperlink.Any repairs or tyre information from the service can be logged as completed or flagged to be repaired at a later date or next service.



Service Jobcards

The Service Jobcard contains key vehicle information including make, model, VIN, engine number and Service Group. The Service Items appearing on the job card: change oil, change filters etc. are set for all vehicles in a specific Service Group or on an individual basis.

Any outstanding repairs for a vehicle are listed with additional options that may be enabled including: Start & Finish Times, AdditIonal Notes, Blank Parts List, Tyregram™ tyre diagram and parts required. Each Service has a unique number “S-4″ in the sample below for easy tracking and exceeding NHVAS requirements.

Repairs Repairs

Use ServiceTracker  for recording repairs or as a full fault management system. Just like a Service, Repairs have a unique Number for trace ability and can also store a fault number from a operators fault/request book.

Repairs are opened in ServiceTracker and will remain in the Repairs Open Register until they are Closed or No Further Action is required. Repairs may be flagged as normal, high or urgent priority.

Repairs may also be deferred until next service or a later date. Repairs are categorised by type for easy retrieval and to quickly identify any potential warranty claims.



Repair Queries

The Repairs Pivot Table looks and behaves just like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Users can quickly search for information such as “How many batteries have we replaced in the last 12 months?”

This powerful tool can be used to query repairs history across Vehicle Groups, Repair Type (category), repairer and individual vehicles.

Tyres Tyres

A picture tells a thousand words so there’s no confusion over tyre positions. Like repairs, more than one task can be carried out on a single jobcard and still be treated independently for costing and a repairer.

When configured with the ServiceTracker inventory module, parts such as tyres can be automatically deducted from stock. ServiceTracker also allows tread depths to be recorded on each tyre.




Fuel data can be entered via import from Fuel cards, Onsite fuel pumps or manually. Manual entry via statements or operator records can be streamlined and crosschecked using the AutoFuel function or price per litre calculator.

Easy to read reports provide average pricing and fuel economy on a per vehicle basis. Fuel Credit Reports are provided at the click of a button.



Fleet maintenance and compliance doesn’t need to be difficult, nor does in need to be done through a mountain of spreadsheets. ServiceTracker is an all in one maintenance and compliance application that is built on the foundation of being easy to use.

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